The Fabric of Wishes

Last updated: March 19, 2024

Subject  : Invitation to participate to a completely decentralized mutual aid movement

The Fabric of Wishes

and its

Recognition Booklets


Hi !

If I send you this, it is in the wish to optimize collective intelligence and goodwill in my network and, by natural propagation of good ideas, in the networks of other people of good will, starry networks where we can weave, through connexions and exploring – a world that resembles us.

In particular, the present approach aims at complementing already existing community practices with individual (and co-individual, like with the wish circles *) practices, which, added and multiplied together, can surpass any pre-established model, in a growing movement of emerging autonomy .

This is a practice that has the potential to create nothing more and nothing less than a simple economic system resting entirely in our hands. It consists in sending a letter similar to this one in your significant network, accompanying it, too, with your volios, that is to say : your wish lists (a personal list, and one for each of your projects).

(Note: It is better, for these volios, to use a universal format, such as .txt or .rtf to ensure readability on all text editors.)

Please keep my volios (attached) with those of the other participants in a dedicated folder. (Remember that we can wish to give as well as share or receive !)

Alternatively, you can do like me and put your wishes on a web page. Several platforms allow you to do this free of charge. Social media can also serve as a platform. Suggestions: use the hashtags #latrameetoilee or #thefabricofwishes.

Matching wishes in order to put people in contact, we all already do it more or less « Ah !, I know someone you would be interested in meeting ! » — but how many opportunities for mutual assistance and exchange are lost, neglected, due to a simple lack of communication ? — So what would happen if we started taking communication, networking, and our dreams themselves somewhat seriously ?

Ideas for Kinds of Wishes

Needs (of any nature: social, psychological, physical…), desires (deep or superficial, emotional or material), offers (of goods, services, talents, expertise, materials, time, aid, space, transport…), exchanges (in money, HOPs **, barter…), donations , sharing (of experiences, interests, knowledge…), loans and borrowing (tools, books, etc.), projects (descriptions, personal, collective, finding partners, etc.), activities (sporting, literary, fun, dance, etc.), circuits , trips (recommendations, itinerary, regularity, capacity to transport, search for means of transport), location (coordinates, radius of action), schedule, availability (for which specific activities or what types of activity: physical, intellectual, etc.), languages ​​(spoken, written, ability to translate).

If the practice spreads, our friends’ wish lists — and those of our friends’ friends — will flood into our email inboxes and we will be better than ever able to help each other and network effectively without depending on another platform. than basic internet. Obviously, you have to put a little attention and memory effort into it. First, organize simple circles of wishes * where everyone has time to speak to others about their needs and their offers, their interests and their projects (which also have their needs and their offers) — that can make a big difference !  We are also free to create or use local databases and research tools. The essential purpose of this letter is above all that information circulates and that we take note of it.

And why not print these wish lists to keep them in volios binders, “  wish directories  ” (offers, requests and interests) – which can be very practical to have on hand, among other places in social occasions?

**. I am also sharing with you a tool that helps streamline exchanges and facilitate business start-ups: the Recognition Booklets . You can download the pages here ( ; these notebooks are designed to keep decentralized accounts allowing you to find out about your “giving-receiving” balance » within the community, and thus advantageously replace currency), then cut them out, print them, fold them and bind them — or even buy them ready-made here, on ¹. 

  1. Online journal founded by the initiator of this letter and dedicated to the advent of a communication era worthy of the name!

The fact that this means of exchange is associated with The Fabric of Wishes, a network of networks of significant people, the fact that it is transparent and therefore counter-verifiable by peers, the fact that it is an individual and objective tool which does not depend on a central organization or exchange rate, this contributes to its reliability and therefore to the confidence that we will have in it; two essential ingredients when it comes to transactions. The value of a currency essentially depends on whether it is recognized .

Money should be a simple measuring instrument
but its scarcity makes it an artificially created nonsense.
It would indeed be absurd to lack centimeters
to be able to take all the measurements we want to make
throughout the day — wouldn’t it?

You can keep a notebook for yourself and for each of your projects. All the details on the notebooks page, mentioned above.

The idea is to complement the somewhat centralized systems (such as the JEU / GAME – ; find out if there is a JEU group in your locality; in principle, the network functioning also with time as a unit of exchange, there will be compatibility with the recognition notebooks) by inviting individuals to also be , each one, on a small scale, such a center for the people in their networks.

A collectivism that is too exclusive will erode individuality or come into opposition with it – likewise, conversely, an individualism completely disconnected from the society in which it lives will erode the latter. 

But a fair balance between these essential aspects of human life is perhaps achievable through a sort of judo of universal empowerment imbued with organic specialization which would locally assume different functions within the starry web of our desires (schoolbag outfit, database, bulletin board, local, wish circle*, wish box; kind extirpation of wishes from friends, distribution of this letter in the form of a leaflet; circuit, storage, transport, talents, tools, etc.) which, organically, will create a large body of mutual aid between beings, a dance more than a body, a jam more than an orchestra, an openness and sharing more than a collective.

What does it cost us to try?

✦ ✦ ✦

In addition to telecommunications costs, printing and perhaps the purchase of recognition books or a binder for our wish directories, the ink for our pens. . . (!) — this solution is completely free  !

But think of the richness
that it can reveal and put into action
in our multiple interactions,
on small and larger scales!

Today, more than ever, we need to organize ourselves effectively to build and weave together this friendly, multi-colored world that we desire. It’s not that complicated, after all.

You just have to communicate intelligently to us what matters.

What if we got started?

Fredo ***


***. Your name here.

*. ✦

Every Saturday at 2 p.m.

In every park in every city ;
in all the villages, all the towns

(as soon as time permits)

of the

~Wishing Circles~

(we will recognize them by the white flag)

. . . where we listen , in turn, to each person explaining their:

needs • talents • offers • interests
and those of its projects

(and nothing else)

At the end of the tour, we will talk to people with whom
we have something to communicate.

These circles are intended to be a practical starting point
and, to this end, free from debate ; they can, however, be
an opportunity to launch other circles dedicated
to debating specific questions.

Pass it around!


(Note that this practice can prove useful in the event of telecommunications failures; it could even be a wonderful substitute for all our dear Internet and all its artificial intelligences where we often cackle without doing anything to make life live. A kind of  » Human Reset ” capable of refounding everything on a human basis.)

~ My volios ~


VOLIO – Fred Lemire // Fred Mir // Frédo.rtf


name: Fred Mir // Frédéric Lemire // Fred Lemire // Frédo


languages: French, English

diet: vegan

postal code: H2W 2M4

radius of action // range: 3 km



drawing // illustration (

illustrate a serious text with humorous illustrations // funny illustrations

to teach French

to invent wordplays, acronyms



people to brainstorm with about my novel

have my book translated

have my book distributed

knitted slippers

to receive massages

to participate in energetic experimentation workshops

a device that records everything and stores sound bites in files on demand

would like to know some bucolic itineraries in Quebec



Rainbow Family Gatherings

philosophical debates


Obsidian  – I would like to exchange with other software enthusiasts

to find people with whom to play go

find partner(s) in the design and production of comics, cartoon strips, memes // to find partner(s) for thinking up and realizing comic books, cartoon strips, memes


VOLIO – La Tramice, newspaper of the communication era.rtf


La Tramice , a journal for the sdvent of a communicational age, aims to be a friendly platform for holding a constructive conversation on the roles that communication can and must play in our world.


Articles !   Obviously, communication must be in the spotlight in each article or other content, which must be signed (pseudonyms accepted) and have a title. — All the details here .

The journal is also looking to expand its team.


VOLIO – Les éditions de la Tramice (and  Club).rtf

Les éditions de la Tramice is a small publishing house dedicated to the advent of a communicational age, that is to say an era where individuals responsibly, freely and cooperatively weave the world in which they live through use intelligent communication. Because every society, every system is woven through communication.


We offer :

text revision in French

translation from English to French

translation from French to English

small quantity edition — contact:


video montage

The Club des éditions de la Tramice — Come and chat with us!

We are looking for :

Magnificent books (poetry/fiction/philosophy/spirituality) written in English but which have not yet been translated into French. // Superb books (poetry/fiction/philosophy/spirituality) written in English that don’t have yet been translated into French.

A publishing house is full of diverse activities for which we would be very happy to expand the team, even if only sporadically, with people who feel inspired. Here are the essentials of these activities:

  • official paperwork
  • research
  • accounting
  • marketing
  • public relations
  • layout
  • distribution
  • coordination
  • funding
  • revision
  • reading
  • binding
  • impression
  • slicing
  • collage
  • make tea

VOLIO – Logbook of a poet-engineer.rtf

My collection, a hodgepodge (essays, thoughts, humor, philosophy, little stories) drawing in mosaic the vision that I have held, for a quarter of a century, of a communicational age worthy of the name, is entirely available online:

The wish machine

logbook of a poet-engineer )

A printed version can be ordered here.

I will also be available to present my book to groups who request it.

If you also promise to leave it in the student room of your department (or that of one of your classmates), I will give you a free copy.

Invite me ! —


VOLIO – The game of ideas.rtf

I am inventing a game to visualize conversations.


Needs :

round table top (1 meter in diameter or more) in black melamine

white plastic tokens one inch in diameter (max 3 cm) and 3 or 4 mm thick

retractable radio antennas

Kinder shells (the little yellow plastic “egg”)

people to develop and use the game with



visual aid for brainstorming (alone or in a group)

a golden opportunity to . . .

“put all ideas on the table”

give ideas and their interrelationships the attention they deserve

socialize around things that interest us

feel all the power and enjoyment of chalk notations

literally wipe the slate clean on occasion

see together, understand each other better


VOLIO – Community.rtf

Here is what I want to find in my community:

clean air, humor, philosophy

regular talking circles

common meals

if in town (Montreal):

a quiet, wooded street north or east of Mont-Royal, that is to say: Plateau, Mile-End, Rosemont, Petite-Patrie, Outremont

if in the countryside:

forest nearby, trees, streams, a campfire, stars, if possible a pond, a lake, valleys and hills, a railway station leading to the city

a beautiful backyard with a garden, and in the garden, a fountain and a little pond

a writing table located under the canopy of tall trees

friends, good conversations, good books


lots of room for art and contemplation


a great calm fit for writing

a multi-functional living and creative room: bookcase, cushions, musical instruments, drawing table, space for dancing, doing yoga, etc. // a creative and multi-function living room

a grocery store and a library nearby


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