Fred Mir’s Testimonial For QCI Unltd.

Quantum Conundrum Intergalactic Unlimited

~ Fred Mir’s Testimonial ~


When I joined the Intergalactic Quantum Conundrum (telepathically, of course as it is advertised), I became at once better informed about my own discipline, for I wasn’t alone anymore in the distinctly quaint type of magic-doing that the Conundrum’s scattered members favour, which is richly documented, annotated and hirsutely ultralinked in the notoriously hectic Conundrum Anarchive.

I now have scriptures to live by — in a vade mecum kind of way — that are shared by a vast confederation of happy heterodox hermits, now at last duly celebrated and in some manner guided by the first body of literature to efficiently do so since the sketchy and somewhat cynical Dao De Jing.


Everyone knows that strength lies in numbers, and that the more the merrier.

Yet, I remained mainly alone in my practice, for the quantum conundrum intergalactic community is overall kind of aloof and antisocial, and I seldom ever accomplished with others the occasional missions that were bestowed upon my special idiosyncrasies by the quasi-central quantum strange dispatcher.

I cherish each and every mission, though, that I could thus fold, unfold and utterly pack with truly entangled partners.

My special skills are : off the hizzle ingenious off-road inventivity ; timeless artsy multi-level self-conscious super-deeds ; unpredictable strikes of dubious marbled genius ; and, last but not least, irritable endless patience. I also know how to perfectly sit on my budding laurels without discomfort and from that commanding place consider my infinite writhing, seething and wrangling options, while keeping working hard and without a pause at the more vertuluscious of them, even during my many physicospiritual games.

My main flaw : I am almost constantly elsewhere, so I have some trouble evaluating distances.

Experience-wise, I have programmed and meta-programmed many a thingy, from a sewer-exploration robot to a downright wish machine that actually works¹. I also am the founder of La Tramice, the unknown journal about communication².

I am currently fostering those two foot-noted thingies, and long-windedly try to form teams for working on them with me ; I am also hatching, among many another a-thingy, a comic book, a board game and a novel with which to shovel my kind of coal into the furnace of humanity’s foolish train — in order to make it eventually enter dimensions other than those that tracks and even wheels can bring anyone to. You know what I mean.

I love all dash-board apparatuses, though, be they simple or hairy.

Ask me anything. Literally anything. — I’m an author.

I will also do errands for you, just to see you smile at my strict don’t-give-a-shit-don’t-take-a-shit grave or joyous cunning autonomous fanciful arch articulated selfless glittering person.

You are welcome. I don’t know where, but I am sure you are welcome somewhere, and even awaited.

Be scrumptious !

Fred Mir


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Office Notes on [Fred Mir]

 Real Name      : [Frédéric Lemire]
 Date of Birth  : [September 12, 1969]
 Date of Death  : [~ Still Computing ~]
 Class          : [Nerd/Hippy/Poet]
 Level          : [Early Adopter] — ❁ Premium Privileges ❁
 Secret Alias   : [Fredavatar]

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