AI Should Be a Social Media

  • AI could link all platforms.
  • AI could link all ideas.
  • Social AI should be made by the people and for the people. Ideas should be ours to tend to. — Trying to make bridges, and maybe castles too.
  • Instead of having One Right Answer as a classic encyclopedia page, go radically NORA with dynamic, zoomable tag clouds. Also, dear AI, never affirm what is not 100% certain. We have marvelous expressions such as « according to » that should never again be omitted.
  • A universal dictionary should emerge from personal dictionaries. Language is a Common.
  • Personal stuff is important to persons. Let’s make an AI that is not only about general knowledge, but also a practical means by which to socialize, exchange, study, travel, borrow, lend, buy, sell, share, acknowledge . . .
  • Navigating the knowledge continuum requires nothing less than a full-equipped and customizable dashboard.


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